2008-11-12 18:36:42 by Manmademusic

Guess what people? I finally got some new music out! Although it's been a long time, it would seem that I've only gotten better... I do not plan on uploading anything to NG any time soon, I've kinda left my NG account unchecked for a while XD

Anyway, I've been sticking mostly to my other (and better) alias: Stargame. It's been up for awhile, but I haven't felt comfortable sharing some of my better music on here. It's actually kinda funny to me just how my old style of music sounded... And just how crappy a lot of it was, especially when it came to EQ'ing. Maybe good in terms of composition, but terrible everything else. It's amazing to listen through everything on here and then to listen to the material that I make now... It's all wildly different. Anyway, if anybody's into some good happy trance (and even a touch of Psytrance - it's a pretty new touch), then by all means, go checkitout and tell me what you think!

More news sometime soon, if I remember.



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2008-11-12 19:56:04


Manmademusic responds:



2008-11-16 01:08:08

=/ Can't download from myspace.

I don't quite understand why abandon this account... Well, except for the reason of switching to your other alias. It seems like this website might be a better way to get your music publicized... Maybe.

Wish I had your new songs--they're definitely much better than your older ones.

Hope to hear more brilliant music from you soon,

Manmademusic responds:

Eh, myspace changed up the players recently - though oneself can still set songs up to be downloadable, there's not download button (which pisses the HELL out of me). I'm not abandoning it, I just haven't been on it that much. I don't really have much I want to put up here anymore.