Full album - Hand and Heart

2009-01-26 00:12:17 by Manmademusic

Well, I figured I might as well get some of my better tracks up here if I want to get some kind of notice for my material. I need to start getting my music out and around - I want to show the world what I can do. It is then, with great pleasure, that I reveal my greatest underground album to date, Hand and Heart, which I completed two weeks before the end of school in 2008.

It has ten tracks, and is full of 50 minutes of full-out Trance.
It is definitely not the highest quality album, as I was (and am) still learning how to EQ songs well, but it still came out quite well. A few of the songs are already on NG, such as Blue Eyes and Pain For You.

Anyway, I'd love for all of you to enjoy downloading either individual songs from the album, or download the entire album here. I'd like to point out that the full download is labeled under my other alias Stargame to avoid confusion. I apologize for the lack of album art and such, but again, it's underground.

1. Hand and Heart
2. I've Forgotten
3. Pain For You
4. Wavelength
5. Blue Eyes
6. Luna
7. Everything or Nothing
8. Fire by Day
9. Flander's Fields Remix
10. Sound Barrier (Completed Mix)

I will be uploading all of the tracks over the next several days. Enjoy the music, and if you like what you hear, spread the word!


Full album - Hand and Heart


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